donderdag, 25 oktober 2007

Worldseafishing. . . super!


World Sea Fishing is the UK’s largest online sea angling web site. World Sea Fishing is a wholly independent sea angling web site which is run and controlled by World Sea Fishing Ltd. A registered company in England and Wales.

World Sea Fishing was founded in 1999 by Mike Thrussell Jnr and Snr. It began as a hobby site but has since evolved into the definitive resource for sea angling in the UK.  World Sea Fishing is passionate about creating interactive and engaging content via all forms of media from text and photographs to video and audio.  WSF features engaging and informative articles and videos as well as diary blogs from our team of writers. WSF also harnesses the power of the internet by giving anglers the ability to discuss and help each other on all matters relating to sea angling via the WSF Community Forum.

In early 2007 WSF launched the WSF Shop, now WSF Mail Order. WSF Mail Order stocks a variety of products from quality Lures and hooks to luggage and rods. The WSF Mail Order site will also sell the MTI Range of premium specialist tackle when it is launched. WSF Mail Order is continually expanding with new and interesting products.

World Sea Fishing has been featured in Angler's Mail Magazine, Total Sea Fishing Magazine, The Net Magazine and in the Sunday Telegraph, and has also featured on ITV1's The Web Review TV program gaining a top rating score of 8/10. World Sea Fishing is in the Yahoo! Top 100 Sporting Web sites list and has been featured on AOL's sites of the day. WSF is the most visited angling site in the UK, gaining a Hitwise Number 1 Award for the previous four quarters up to June 200

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