donderdag, 06 december 2007

jamie...go for it

Jamie Oliver recipes Jamie Oliver

Jamie's recipes

Throughout the Jamie at Home series, Jamie's been cooking up some delicious dishes using ingredients straight from his own garden. Here's a selection of Jamie at Home recipes for you to try out yourself.

Meaty morsels

English onion soup

Vegetarian delight

Get hold of as many different types of onion for this soup as you can. Sweat them gently and you'll be amazed at all the flavours going on.

Butternut squash muffins

A sweet treat

Are they sweet, or are they savoury? Either way they taste mighty fine.

Smoked salmon with chilli salsa

A maritime meal

A word of warning: this dish will make your house a bit smoky! So either open the windows or have a go at doing it on your barbie.

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