woensdag, 19 maart 2008

sardinië: de klaarste zee in de wereld!



Beach photo
Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia with its app. 1.800 kilometres of coastline, is one of the most popular destinations for people who love aquatic sports and seaside holidays, not only for its natural beauty and geographical position but also for its history.
The many waves of invaders who plundered and settled in Sardinia during the thousands of years of Sardinian history, came from the sea.
For this reason the Sardinians, until recently, have never loved the sea and they built very few villages along the coast. The most important villages were built during the period of the Roman domination and before that under the Phoenician-Punic domination. Some examples are: Karalis (Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia), Nora, Tharros, Olbia and Turris Libissonis (Porto Torres) on the Northern coast of Sardinia.
Sea and beach photo
During the last years of this 2nd millennium, the importance of both the sea and the coast has increased. This is due in part to the relatively recent discovery of tourism, which started at the end of the 1950's, and in part to the development of certain parts of the economy connected to the sea such as fishing and transport.
Sea photo
It is neither a coincidence nor a fashion that nowadays Sardinia is the preferred destination for many tourists. The sea around this large Mediterranean Island (second only to Sicily in size among all Mediterranean Islands) is among the most beautiful and transparent in all the world. In fact D.H. Lawrence in his famous book 'The Sea and Sardinia' wrote that Sardinia was a land like no other and the Sardinian writer, Marcello Serra entitled one of his famous books "Sardinia: Almost a Continent", in order to underline the uniqueness of the Sardinian landscapes and the large and deep differences among the Island's various regions which make Sardinia similar to a continent.

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zondag, 16 maart 2008

big game fishing in Hawai

Aug 20, 2002. Marlin fishing is a team effort. Gary French, Scot, Jim and Captain Rusty land a boat record 835 lbs. Blue Marlin.

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Hawaii Marlin fishing is a team sport. Blue Marlin are at the top of the ocean's food chain, they fear nothing. Selecting an experienced crew is crucial. If you are fishing in Oahu, Hawaii and want to land a big Blue Marlin, you need the experienced well-seasoned crew of the Hawaii fishing charter, Kuuloa Kai.

      Skipjack Tuna abound in the waters off Haleiwa, Hawaii because the sea mounts attract and keep them. They aren't alone: Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, and Sailfish all love to feast on Skipjack Tuna. The waters are teeming with the hunters and their prey. When the Billfish schools arrive in Hawaiian waters to fatten up during their pelagic migrations, Oahu big game sport fishing is pole-busting.


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