woensdag, 19 maart 2008

vissen in Egypte: Hurghada

Fishingtrips in the Red Sea are often called "Little Big Game" fishing.
During Trolling you may catch Barracuda, Tuna, Wahoo, Bonito, Trevally, Mackerel, King, Sale and al large array of other species.
With Ground-fishing you more likely to catch Groupers, Needle, Snapper, Bohar and Gar.
As you will stay on the boat day and night, it will be possible to visit fishingspots which are too far away for daily trips most of the time.

Our crew of our boat knows the best fishing spots in the Red Sea. They are highly qualified to make your fishing trips one of the best trips you ever had.

We can offer clear waters, amazing drop offs, with the soft colors of corals to be found nowhere else in the world.

Safari fishing trips on the boat are a real adventure for fishlovers. In our trips you can do some trolling, popping, groundfishing and also some swimming and snorkelling. We use the fishfinder for the nighttrips and the Safari trips.

In Hurghada the sun shines practically the whole year

round. Particularly in spring and autumn the temperature

is very pleasant. During the summer months,

the temperature can rise till 40°.
It is advisable to seek the shade, particularly at midday.

Remember always to carry a bottle of water  with you.

You can buy them almost everywhere.

In the evening and during the night the temperature can
drop sharply, but in summer the evenings will stay hot.


Your health is important. Check in your country which

injections you should get.

Consider vaccinations against: Hepatitis A, Typhoid,

Yellow Fever and Tetanus.

Be aware of the heat and sun and take precautions

such as drinking lots of fluids and wearing sun lotion.
One should also stay with cooked foods and bottled

water, to avoid as much as possible the "Curse of the

Pharaoh" = stomach problems. If you do get problems

check the pharmacy. They are common with these stomach problems and know what to give you.

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