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zeevissen in Ierland: per boot


kingsdale deep sea angling

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Vissen in Ierland: Ireland Fishing Adventures


The object of this booklet is to help the angler to identify the fishes he is likely to catch in Irish waters. Most of the species which have been taken on rod and line on the Irish coast or in Irish lakes andrivers are illustrated and briefly described. Also included are

(a) a few species not usually caught on rod and line, but which the angler may encounter and

(b) a few species which have, not yet been recorded from Irish waters, but which may occasionally visit them. Fig. 1 shows the chief external features of five species of fish of divergent types.

The external features important in the identification of fishes are in the main (1) general form (2) presence of gill slits or a gill cover (3) number, position and shape of the fins (4) number of spines or soft jointed rays in the fins (sometimes written in formula) (5) nature of the scales (6) nature of the teeth (in certain families) Too much reliance cannot be placed on size (one may be dealing with a young example of a species which grows to a large size) or colour, since this is subject to considerable variation in some species.

Note: Fin Ray counts in this booklet are written in formula. D = dorsal fin A = anal fin Spiny fin rays indicated by Roman numerals; soft fin rays by Arabic numerals. In this guide the following annotations are used; M=marine fish; F=freshwater fish; B=brackish water fish. Indicated sizes are usually the approximate maximum the species has been known to attain.

Ireland Fishing is de meest overzichtelijke en complete website op het gebied van hengelsportvakanties in Ierland.
Alle vermelde schippers, gidsen en instructeurs zijn gecertificeerd en voldoen aan de eisen zoals gesteld door de
Central Fisheries Board.
Alle schippers, visgidsen en instructeurs hebben een eigen deelnemerskaart op deze site. Laat je verrassen door het enorme aanbod aan mogelijkheden en locaties.

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