donderdag, 25 oktober 2007

diepzee vissen: the game



Virtual Deep Sea Fishing by Interplay
Released on February, 2004
If big-game fishing is your type of fishin', then give Virtual Deep Sea Fishing a try.  Catch everything from big marlin to monster mackeral.  Watch out for the dreaded sting-ray and don't forget to take your Dramamine.

PROS: You never know what you could catch out in the ocean.  Great sound-effects and controls are easy to use.
CONS: Graphics leave a little to be desired, however the game is fun and that's all that really matters.


download hier

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Rapala Pro Fishing


Rapala Pro Fishing by Activision

Released on September 9th, 2005

All serious fishermen know how good the Rapala Company is at making lures. It seems they've put their name on yet another great fishing product, but this time it's a video game!

PROS: Some of the best graphics for a fishing game we've seen yet. Drive fast bass boats and air boats. You can even fish with some nice looking ladies.

CONS: Controls are a bit simplistic for avid gamers and the online play is merely score keeping.



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